A few years ago ZIMSEC introduced a continuous assessment system where learners complete a series of CALAs (Continuous Assessment Learning Activity (CALA). CALAs are defined as as any activity that leaners are required to perform to demonstrate their knowledge understanding and proficiency in a given subject. They contribute 30% towards the final grade you get with ZIMSEC in a given subject.

Some students are struggling with these as they sometimes do not know what is required of them or what they need to do. We provide model answers that you can use when completing your CALAs for between US$5-US$10 per two CALAs.

What do you get for the US$5 package?

  • You get in touch with us via WhatsApp and give us the CALA two CALA projects
  • We provide you with a complete professionally written complete model answer as well as guidance on what is required of you. You write the answer and submit it to us via WhatsApp we provide you with feedback on areas you are supposed to improve
  • Once we are satisfied with your answer you can submit to your school/learning institution
  • You can pay us via ZIPIT/Mukuru or RTGS transfer based on the prevailing rate of the day. Payments must be done before we give you the answer.

NB. The US$5 covers two CALA projects which may or may not be of the same subject.

What you get for the US$10 package

  • You get everything you get with the US$5 package but the answer you get from us is guaranteed to be unique and personal. With the US$5 package, we may share the same answer with a large group of people and you can paraphrase on your own but with the US$10 package, you get an answer that is unique to you.

What subjects do we cover?

  • At Ordinary Level we cover:
    • English Language
    • Mathematics
    • Business Studies
    • Business Enterprise and Skills
    • Geography
    • History
    • Commerce
    • Accounting
    • Computer Science
    • Commercial Studies
    • Combined Science
  • For Advance Level we cover:
    • Geography
    • Accounting
    • Business Studies

NB More subject to follow soon

Contact us via WhatsApp on +263 73 490 3171

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