Results for those who wrote their A-Levels in November 2019 came out just over a week ago ( we are doing the maths as we write this so the timeline might be different to when you read this). As you know these days ZIMSEC now allows you to view a copy of your results online.

Only O Level Results can be viewed as of now

However, there is a limit i.e. time window when you can do this. After this window period passes you will no longer be able to view your results online and have to go to your examination centre to collect a physical results slip.

Well, that time for those who wrote in November 2019 has now passed. You can no longer view those results online. At the time of writing this the Ordinary level window for those who wrote in November 2019 just opened. This means that Ordinary Level results for those who wrote last year in November can still be viewed.

Again this is probably going to last for about a week before ZIMSEC closes that portal for good until the June 2020 results are ready to come out.

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