The government has said that schools will remain closed despite preparations being made for them to reopen. There have been somewhat contradictory messages from the government when it comes to when schools will reopen. For example, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube hinted that the government was working to make it safe for schools to reopen:

In terms of supporting the education sector, schools are opening, I agree. We are supporting the education sector so that we can open schools safely but also parents have a role to play to make sure that children are given masks and the like to support the teachers in whatever is needed, like drilling of boreholes in schools to make sure that there is clean water, we will support that. Also in the interim, support with information communication technology (ICT) radio lessons wherever possible.

Mthuli Ncube during his 2021-midterm budget presenation

However, a recently gazetted law, Statutory Instrument 210 of 2021 says schools will remain closed until at least the 10th of August this year. Cases of COVID-19 remain high as the third wave rages on. It’s not clear when exactly schools will reopen whether it’s soon after the given deadline or much later. All we can do is wait and see.

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