In a sad development Profeeds a company that has been around since 2007 have announced that they will no longer, with immediate effect be supplying anyone with feed.

In a letter written on 17 June 2019 they, Profeeds blame this measure on economic woes in Zimbabwe which have made it impossible for them to be able to source need raw materials.

A chilling effect on Zimbabwe’s main protein source

Chicken is a Zimbabwean favourite and this is a huge blow. It will likely see a decline in the local chicken population which will in turn mean another price hike. Other providers such as National Foods are probably in the same predicament as Profeeds and even if they don’t stop entirely they will probably reduce the amount of feed they sell.

Full letter

This letter serves to notify you that we will be discontinuing supply of all Feed Products to Agents and/ or Distributors effective immediately.

Due to the prevailing economic conditions and difficulties faced in sourcing adequate raw materials we are not able to meet demand to best serve you. We value our business relationship and we are working across the value chain to improve supply of raw materials and availability of finished products.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this caused and we will inform you as soon as we have made progress in this regard.

Profeeds letter text

Actual image of the profeeds letter

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