It has been weeks since ZESA introduced us to load shedding which they blamed on the low water levels at Kariba. While it hasn’t been ideal most people have already adjusted to the new reality. For households that means filling up on LP gas, using firewood, paraffin stoves, invertors and night lights.

For businesses, things are a lot complicated. This is true for a lot of winter wheat farmers too. Recently, farmers from Concession, Mashonaland Central took occasion to bemoan the power situation in the country. One of the farmers Mr Kreden Kanouruka had this to say:

Honourable minister, the farmers are crying foul over the on-going load-shedding. It is hindering our projects and our target of 60 000 hectares this season will not be achievable.

May the government put this into consideration since we need electricity for irrigation purposes.

Schools have also been a victim. Power is required for things like ICT and computer lessons. Sakubva Secondary School deputy headmaster Daniel Makuwerere revealed that school ICT and Computer Science lessons were now harder to do. He said this while addressing Parliament Portfolio Committee on (ICT), Postal and Courier Services led by acting chairman Trevor Saruwaka in Mutare last week.

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