The 2022 ZIMSEC O-Level results have now been released and candidates can view their results online by following the instructions provided. To view your results, you need to know the region in which you took your exams, and then click on the corresponding link address provided. The procedure for viewing and collecting the results is similar to that of the A-Level results. Here are the region and portal address descriptions:

  • Portal Addresses by Region:
RegionLink Address
R1 and R6
R2 and R5
R4, R9 & R10
R3, R7 & R8

Here are some things to note

  • Viewing your results is free and you should not pay anyone for help in accessing your results.
  • The examination portal will open at 15:00 hrs on Friday 3 February 2023.
  • You can only access results after the opening date.
  • Do not attempt to enter the portal before 15:00 hrs as this will cause unnecessary congestion.
  • Access is through the ZIMSEC website:
  • Follow the instructions and execute them correctly.
  • Two people cannot create two separate accounts for the same candidate.
  • Once registered in the portal, those credentials are the only ones that can access the results.
  • Any attempt to breach the portal will cause the account to be blocked.

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