Is there a thing such as results that are too good? A day after ZIMSEC released the 2019 results it’s a question most are weighing in on as an intense debate rages on the internet.

This all started when the screenshot of one Nyanga High student’s results came out. To say the student did well would be an understatement. He managed to get 17 straight As. Some have however opined that he did too well.

Not A B in sight

Is there such a thing as doing too well

The argument put forward by those who are probably a little jealous is that 17 subjects are more than double the required subject. They contend that A-students rarely do well in the real workplace and instead tout the value of being a C-students.

Having observed the stats world over here is what I have to say on the subject. All things being equal a student who does well in school is much more likely to succeed in life than one who doesn’t. Most people tend to rely on exceptions when it comes to touting the achievements of C-student.

Often the high school dropouts cited as examples of what you can do even without a degree are geniuses and prodigies in their fields to begin with.

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