Harare City council have made an eye-popping adjustment to clamping fees in their latest supplementary budget which was approved and adopted yesterday.

Clamping fees were increased by 1 000% and from now onwards light vehicles will have to pay fees of $500 ZWL instead of the current $40. If your vehicle is towed away instead, you will have to pay $700 instead of the current $60.

Maternity fees also increased

Those who want to access maternity services at municipal clinics and hospitals will now be expected to pay $120 instead of the previous $25. Hospital fees for adults are now $50 and for kids it’s now $25 at the same institutions.

The city also increased refuse collection fees by almost 300 per cent, water charges by at least 300 per cent, and other services were increased by various amounts.

The clamping fees will not improve much

Just like with the hike in fines by the central government the hike in tow and clamping fees by the council is unlikely to improve anything. It will not even lead to a significant amount of revenue increase.

Instead, it will just mean more money for corrupt city council cops as they now have more negotiating leverage. Little money from clamping and towing reaches the council’s coffers as it is anyway.

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