Towards the end of April 2019, all three of our major network operators hiked their data prices. That’s not what they said. According to them they simply have always been in US dollars. All they did was apply the new official exchange rate. For most of us, that meant a threefold increase in the price of mobile data.

If you are one of those people who is struggling you will find Econet’s Yomix a godsend. We have personally used Yomix bundles ever since they launched last year. Econet disabled the app for about two months. The good news is that is back again.

What’s Yomix?

Yomix App

Initially aimed at youths Yomix is an app that allows you to buy custom bundles. Usually, you are stuck with premade custom bundles such as WhatsApp weekly bundles or set daily bundles. Yomix allows you to customize aspects of your own personal bundle including:

  • How many voice minutes you want
  • How much data you want
  • How many SMS you want
  • The duration of the bundle i.e. daily, 3 days, weekly or monthly

You can buy Yomix bundles using either the dedicated Yomix App or dialling *142#. The app is zero-rated which means it will not use your data. It will work whether you have data or not.

How to use Yomix?

Download the app from here or if you prefer to use the official Google Play store for Android you can get the app here. As already said the app is now zero rated so you will not need data to use it. Alternatively you can dial *142# and follow the USSD prompts.

Mixing a bundle

  • Log into the app using a verification code which will be sent to you via SMS free of charge. Currently, logging in using username and password does not seem to work
  • Once logged in click on the Yomix icon
  • Select self and select next
  • “Mix” your own bundle
  • Click next and avoid premade bundle suggestions such as WhatsApp weekly
  • Pay using either Ecocash or your airtime balance
  • Once you have made the purchase disable and re-enable your phone’s data connection

NBĀ The cost you pay for your Yomix bundle goes up the more purchases you make. It would be a good idea to buy just one bundle per month and make sure it will be enough for your need. If you attempt to buy another bundle the price will be higher than your first bundle.


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