Following the devastating effects of Cyclone Idai earlier this month a lot of people are now pretty skittish when they hear about cyclones. A few days ago people learnt about a new cyclone: Cyclone Joanina which had formed in the Indian Ocean.

There was a bit of a panic as people speculated that the cyclone was also headed for Zimbabwe. That would have been concerning to say the least. However the Ministry of Information has released a statement saying while Cyclone Jaonina is very much real. It is not a threat to Zimbabwe as it is not expected to reach the country.

The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services would like to urge people of Zimbabwe to follow the proper and official source of authentic and authoritative weather information from the Zimbabwe Meteorological Services who work together with bona fide countries weather bureaus under the auspices of the United Nations. While it is understandable that people are anxious, if not jittery in the wake of the colossal calamity in the name of Cyclone Idai, it is still strongly advisable that people should rely on correct information so as to avoid undue panic and avoidable despondency. The new phenomenon of social media is not an official and authoritative source of information as often it is replete with rumors falsehoods and downright mischief wich should be taken with caution. Social media is awash with reports that suggest that the Sub-Saharan continent, including Zimbabwe, will suffer yet another cyclone in the near future. Any information from purported international weather forecasts that indicate that Cyclone Joanina is gathering momenntum in the Indian Ocean and will affect Zimbabwe is not correct.

Cyclones are not uncommon in the Indian Ocean

Indeed cyclones are not at all uncommon in the Indian Ocean. Only a few of these occur near land and are strong enough to cause anything near the damage Idai caused. As it stands Idai is deadliest cyclone Southern Africa has experienced. Indeed Idai is one of the few Cyclones that have impacted Zimbabwe.

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However due to global warming expect more freakish weather patterns such as Idai. In the United States cyclones are called Hurricans and in the past few years they haave had cyclones much stronger than Idai, all happening in the last two decades.

Scientists have blamed this on global warming. If you want to learn more about global warming see our notes here.

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