Not so long ago Zimbabwe recorded its first Omicron case even though travel to a lot of Western countries had already been blocked by these governments before confirmation that we had our own cases came out. One area of concern for most parents was a possible explosion of cases in schools as we saw last year. The government has however claimed that COVID cases in schools are well under control

. This was revealed by the new minister of Primary and Secondary Education Evelyn Ndhlovu who assured parents that schools would remain open. despite rumours that another strict lockdown was imminent:

Yes, we have recorded cases in schools, but we have managed to contain them and schools will continue as earlier announced. Children are actually in the middle of exams as we speak.

This donation comes at the most opportune time as our country is facing the omicron variant.

We continue urging all learners to adhere to the SOPs set by the WHO.

The Minister speaking at a recent event

This revelation comes as the government has opened up vaccinations to teenagers as young as 17 in a bid to combat the spread of coronavirus.

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