As my former deputy head used to say, the honeymoon is over. Over the past week, those who wrote their form four examinations late last year and concluded early this year were accessing their results. Those who passed celebrated and those who failed wailed but it’s over. While those who failed have to think about their next course of action, those who passed and want to do their A-Levels will begin classes on Monday and join the rest of school-goers on what is going to be a supershort term thanks to COVID-19.

The 2021 Form Five classes will commence on Monday, the 10th of May 2021, for all schools across the country.

Fees will be paid on a pro-rata basis using the following formula: Number of days remaining multiplied by approved fees for Term One divided by total number of days in Term One.
All addresses are to ensure that Form Five classes commence on the given date and that the World Health Organisation guidelines on the management of Covid-19 are adhered to.

Tumisang Thabela the Permanent Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education

It’s not clear whether those who want to do Form Fives had had a chance to decide on a combination and actually find a place. However, these days most Secondary schools now have high schools so this shouldn’t be a problem for most students. Also, students had the entire past 3 months to decide on what they wanted to do.

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