If you are not yet familiar with the new curriculum please note you can download Commerce Paper 1 here. The new curriculum introduced new material that was not there in the old syllabus. New topics include marketing and entrepreneurship.

It’s simple but it’s not

This is a multiple choice paper so you will be required to select between a choice from four possible answers. It’s really that simple. Given this, there is really no excuse for you to leave a question unanswered. Yet some students still do this.

The best way to approach this paper is to answer all the easiest questions to which you know the answer first. Do not try to answer every question during your first pass. Dedicate this time to answering all the questions you can quickly answer.

During your second pass through the paper dedicate time to questions that need figuring out. This includes questions that need detailed calculations to arrive at the answer. For questions that are a bit confusing-eliminate the most wrong answers first then use whatever answer you are left with. Again do not waste time on questions to which you don’t have an answer.

Finally, in your last round through the paper dedicate your time to the impossible ones. It’s not encouraged but if you cannot figure out the answer you really have to pick one at random. Doing so gives you a 25% chance of getting the answer right. Not answering the question gives you a 0% chance of passing. You can increase your chances of getting your answer right by excluding obviously wrong answers from your random choice pool.

Yes you can bring in your calculator

This paper does not prohibit you from bringing in your calculator. That is pretty important. It means you can bring in your calculator. If they are calculations to be done you don’t want to waste time doing those mentally.

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