Just like here in Zimbabwe, it is exam season in most countries including the United Kingdom and most of its former colonies. In the not so distant past, ZIMSEC had quite the reputation for suffering leaks which often required students to rewrite some papers each session.

The nonsense that is often peddled by some is that boards like Cambridge and others do not suffer leaks at all. The truth is that just due to self-deprecation and some sort of inferiority complex these tabloids often purposefully ignore leaks at other boards.

Case in point, the Advanced Level maths paper for the Edexcel board leaked on social media before the examination. An individual posted images of the papers on Twitter asking for £70 ($88) for those who wanted the full paper.

The board has downplayed this leak even though close to 50 000 students sat for the paper. Meanwhile the Twitter account that made the post has since been deleted. It also seems that unlike ZIMSEC, Edexcel is not going to ask students to rewrite the papper.

Not an isolated incident

You might be jumping up and down right now saying this is an isolated incident. No, it is not. This is the third year in a row that such a leak has happened. We are not trying to excuse ZIMSEC here, just pointing out that it’s hard to prevent leaks even in developed countries.

Edexcel is the UK’s largest examination board

This is not a little known board in charge of exams in some Podunk country. Edexcel is one of the UK’s most popular boards. In fact, it is the UK’s largest examination board. Larger than even Cambridge.

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