Even though we are still dealing with the pandemic the government has made it pretty clear that they want schools to resume learning in January after a year of disturbances. Schools will open next week on 4 January for most students except of course Form Ones and Form Five students who will have to first complete exams and wait for results. While Grade 7 students have completed exams, Form Fours are still at it. Form Ones are expected back in February while it’s not clear when Form Fives will be able to start.

2021 School Calender

First Term
BeginsMonday 4 January
EndsTuesday 25 March
Public Holidays1 (National Youth Day 21-22 February)
Number of School Days58
Exit WeekendsNone
Vacation Days39 days
Second Term
BeginsMonday 3 May
EndsThursday 5 August
Public Holidays1 (Africa Day 25 May)
Exit WeekendsNone
Vacation32 days
Third Term
BeginsMonday 6 September
EndsThursday 9 December
Nuber of School days69 days
Exit WeekendsNone
Vacation 32 days

First-Term begins on Monday 10 January 2022.

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