ZIMSEC has confirmed that this year’s English Paper 1 and 2 as well as Mathematics Paper 1 and 2 leaked following intense rumours on social media that these papers had leaked. Investigations by the authorities show that the leaks were carried out by a 22-year-old man who worked at ZIMSEC as part of the printing team. The man sold the papers to prospective candidates. The suspect has been named as one Anorld Maimba.

On November 27, Maimba stole a copy of O-Level Mathematics papers 1 and 2 at his workplace and hid them under his jersey before he went home. He then allegedly sold the papers to a prospective candidate before the examination date. A week later, on December 3, Maimba was once again at work and stole the O-Level 2020 English papers 1 and 2 and again smuggled them out under his jersey. Again he sold them. Investigations led to Maimba’s arrest and he led the police to the recovery of all the papers and the identification of people he had sold the papers to.

Part of testimony before magistrate hearing the case

Maimba was dragged before the courts and his case is ongoing.

It’s not just ZIMSEC

The latest leak has resulted in the usual complaints by people that ZIMSEC is unique in terms of leaks but this is not true. Even Cambridge has had leaks in the not so distant past. Last week there talks of leaks in South Africa. There has been leaks and extensive cheating in Kenya, Singapore, Pakistan and India as well. It’s just part of the process although ZIMSEC needs to do better when it comes to preventing such acts.

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