Mussolini leading the Blackshirts on the March to Rome.

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Dictatorship in Europe: Dictatorship in Italy: Benito Mussolini: The methods used by the Fascists to gain support

  • The use of force-They used violence to kill off prominent opposition members.
  • Intimidation-those with debts were threatened with harsher and exotic punishments and some where forced to drink castor oil or eat live frogs.
  • Political rhetoric was used in speeches were Benito promised solutions to Italy’s problems.

The march to Rome.

  • In October of 1922 Mussolini demanded that power should be given to him or he will seize it.
  • The Fascists began to plan a march on Rome after the government failed to respond to their demands.
  • On October 27 about 5 000 well armed Black Shirts prepared their march on Rome.
  • The Prime Minister resigned after Victor Emmanuel refused to declare a state of emergency.

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