Cambrige AS and A Level Accounting Notes (9706)/ ZIMSECĀ  Advanced Accounting Level Notes: Marginal Costing: Statement of Profit or Loss

  • As has been outlined here there are differences between marginal costing and absorption costing
  • One such stark difference is in the format of statements of profit
  • Below is a proforma Statement of Profit using marginal costing

Marginal Costing Statement of Profit or Loss

Less Cost of Sales:
Opening inventoryxx
Variable cost of productionxx
Less closing inventory



Less Other variable costs


Less Fixed Costs(xx)


  • It’s important to remember that both opening and closing inventory are valued at marginal (variable) cost under marginal costing
  • The fixed costs incurred are deducted from contribution earned in order to determine the profit for the period
  • Only the production variable costs are to be included in the cost of sales and valuation of inventory
  • If there are variable non-production costs e.g. selling costs these would be deducted before contribution but are not to be included in cost of sales

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