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ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Male Reproductive system

  • The diagram below shows the reproductive system of a man
Male reproductive system. Image credit

Male reproductive system. Image credit

  • Testes-this is where sperms are made.
    • The sperms are then stored in the epididymis
    • The testes also produces the male hormone, testosterone
    • The testes are contained in a sac like structure called the scrotum
    • The scrotum lies outside the abdomen because their which favours
    • sperm production and storage is lower than body temperature
  • Sperm duct-is for the passage of sperms and urine from the testis to the urethra
  • Urethra-for the passage of both sperms and urine from the body, at different times/separately
  • Seminal vesicle-produces fluids that nourish and lubricate sperms
  • Prostate¬†gland-secretes nutrients and enzymes which activate sperms to move on their own or become active

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