The June 2018 Timetable is out. Examinations are supposed to start on Monday 4 June for those who are writing the English Examination. Please find below a copy of the Ordinary Level Timetable for June 2018.

Monday 4 June1122/1 English Language Paper 1: 1hr 30mins5006/1 Combined Science Paper 1. 1hr
Tuesday 5 June4030/1 Mathematics Paper 1. 2hrs 30mins7103/1 Commerce Paper 1: 1hr 15mins
Wednesday 6 June1122/2 English Language Paper 2, 2 hrs3155/1 Ndebele Paper 1, 2 hrs
3159/1 Shona Paper 1,2hrs
3156/1 Tonga Paper 1,2hrs
Thursday 7 June4030/2 Mathematics Paper 2, 2 hrs 30 mins2248/1 Geography Paper 1, 1hr 15 mins
Friday 8 June2167/1 History Paper 1, 2hrs5008/2 Biology Paper 2, 2hrs
Monday 11 June5006/2 Combined Science Paper 2, 2hrs7103/2 Commerce Paper 2, 2hrs
Tuesday 12 June5008/1 Biology Paper 1, 1hr
5097/1 Human and Social Biology Paper 1, 2 hrs
5097/2 Human and Social Biology Paper 2, 1hr
7112/1 Principles of Accounts Paper 1, 1hr
Wednesday 13 June5008/3 Biology Paper 3(Practical), 1hr 30 mins
5008/4 Biology Paper 4(Alternative to practical), 1hr
2013/1 Literature in English Paper 1, 2 hrs
Thursday 14 June2248/2 Geography Paper 2, 2hr 30mins2283/1 Economics Paper 1,1hr 15mins
Friday 15 June2167/2 History Paper 2, 2hrs2043/3 Religious Studies 3, 1hr 30mins
Monday 18 June2167/2 Principles of Accounts Paper 2, 2hr 30 mins2283/2 Economics Paper 2,2hrs
Tuesday 19 June2042/1 Religious Studies Paper 1,2hrs 30mins
2043/2 Religious Studies Paper 2, 1hr 30mins
5006/3 Combined Science Paper 3,1hr
Wednesday 20 June3155/2 Ndebele Paper 2, 2hrs
3159/2 Shona Paper 2, 2hrs
3156/2 Tonga Paper 2, 2hrs

Although every effort has been made to ensure that this information is accurate and up to date, the information above is provided as is. We do not assume any responsibility for errors and omissions. It is the respective candidate’s responsibility to get accurate data. Please check with your respective centers.