ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Retail Trade: Hypermarket


  • a large shop with a minimum selling space of 4500 square metres
  • situated on the outskirts of town where:
    1. land is cheap and plentiful
    2. there are good communication links such as roads
  • provides a car park
  • sells foodstuffs and household goods
  • sells gods at low prices( Small Profit Quick Returns or loss leaders)
  • sells goods on cash and carry basis
  • sells branded and pre-packaged goods
  • all goods are individually priced
  • goods sold are usually fresh
  • provides bays or parcel counters
  • may provide restaurants, banks, satellite shops, playing playing grounds and garages
  • has large aisles
  • has security measures e.g. mirrors and guards
  • has off-peak shopping hours
  • normally open during the holidays
  • caters for the car owning public
  • sells a variety of goods

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