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ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: How the government protects consumers

The Government

  • The government via Parliament passes various ACTS to protect consumers including:
  • The Hire Purchase Act which guards against unfair and unlawful repossession of goods bought on credit.
  • Consumer Safety Act which ensures that products are safe for human consumption and use.
  • The Fair Trading Act which guards against false price cutting, hoarding and conditional selling of goods.
  • Sale of Goods Act which specifies that gods must fit the purpose or description for which they are sold.
  • The Trade Measure Act  which guards against underweight and incorrect weights and measures.
  • The Foods and Drugs Act which guards against adulteration of products and improper labelling of goods.
  • The Price Control Act which safeguards against overpricing of goods.
  • In addition various Ministers have the right to pass legislation in the form of Statutory Instruments whenever the need arises.

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