TV Sales and Hire offers Hire Purchases.

TV Sales and Hire offers Hire Purchases.

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Hire Purchase

  • Is a method of buying consumer durables such as Television sets on credit.


  • A written agreement between the buyer and seller is required.
  • A deposit is paid followed by installments (usually on a monthly basis).
  • Suitable for selling durable goods or goods with a second hand value.
  • It is governed by the Hire Purchase Act.
  • The buyer can cancel the agreement and return the goods when at least half of the purchase price has been paid.
  • The seller can repossess the goods if the buyer defaults.
  • A court order is needed to repossess the goods in the event that the buyer defaults on payment after paying at least a third of the purchase price.
  • The buyer takes possession of the goods after paying the deposit.
  • The buyer becomes the rightful owner upon paying the last installment.
  • Finance charges are usually added to the purchase price.
  • The seller insures the goods during the Hire Purchase period.
  • A long repayment period e.g. 6-24 months.
  • Financed by a financing house.
  • The buyer cannot sell the goods during this period.

Importance of finance companies in Hire Purchase Transactions

  • Provide capital to traders.
  • The buyer is indebted to the Finance House.
  • The trader collects installments from debt behalf of finance company.
  • Relieves the trader of all risks arising from bad debts and any legal responsibility.
  • Makes profit by charging interest.

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