Exercise is key to maintaining one'es health. Image credit centrictv.com

Exercise is key to maintaining one’es health. Image credit centrictv.com

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Health and well being

  • Health is the absence of disease
  • It is a state of being physically and psychologically well.
  • A person is said to be healthy if they meet the above criteria
  • Most people are usually healthy most of the time.
  • Sometimes people get sick if they are infected by pathogens
  • A pathogen is a disease-causing organism
  • People can be unhealthy even if they do not have a disease
  • A healthy persons feels good, is mentally healthy, do not suffer from depression or nervous problems
  • Human beings are social animals who need to feel like a part of a social group
  • There are several ways in which a complete state of health can be maintained:
  • Eating a balanced diet and drinking enough fluids
    The body needs a wide variety of nutrients in order to maintain bodily functions
    vitamins and minerals are required for repairs and maintenance in the body
  • Regular exercises allows the structures in the body to use nutrients effectively.
    Maintaining a good physical health helps with mental and social health
  • Making the right choices in society-people who choose to use drugs and adopt anti-social behavior suffer may suffer from a deteriorating mental state. They may have feelings of guilt, greed or act aggressively towards others.
  • A healthy community is one in which the members behave responsibly
  • Individuals act in ways that benefit everyone and not just themselves.
  • Well being results from people making the right physical, mental and social choices in health terms.
  • They protect their health as well as that of others.

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