Wholesale shop. Image credit enforcecoveragegroup.com

Wholesale shop. Image credit enforcecoveragegroup.com

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Wholesale Trade: Functions of Wholesale trade:To the retailers and consumers

To the retailer

  • The wholesaler:
  • Buys in bulk from several manufacturers and producers.
  • Breaks bulk for retailers i.e. sells goods to retailers in smaller quantities.
  • Provides retailers with a wider choice of goods obtained from different manufacturers/producers.
  • Receives complaints and suggestions from retailers which they then pass on to manufacturers and producers.
  • Stores goods
  • Are conveniently located near retailers.
  • Evens out the flow of goods especially for seasonal goods like apples.
  • Blends, brands, packages and bottles goods before they sell them to the retailers.
  • Delivers goods to the retailers.
  • Advises retailers on display techniques and store layout.

To the consumer.

  • Ensures a steady flow of goods to consumers.
  • Prevents wild fluctuations in prices of goods.
  • Advertises goods.
  • Provides a variety of goods.
  • Informs consumers on new products.
  • Takes consumer complaints to producers.

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