Fish drying. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Natural Resources:Fishing:Fish conservation at sea level

  • Sustainable use of fish resources is necessary in order to meet present and future needs.
  • The following have been adapted by SADC countries to ensure sustainability of the fishing industry.
  • Quota system. Countries like South Africa and Namibia have introduced a quota system for different fish species. The amount of fish to be exploited by each boat is limited. This is particularly so for pelagic species.
  • Aquaculture. Fish farming has been introduced in many countries to conserve fish species. Shrimp farms have been introduced near Beira and Maputo in Mozambique. Oyster farming in Namibia and the Saldanha Bay sea water farm for oyster and mussels in South Africa.
  • Licensing. Number of fishing vessels are controlled in all the Southern Africa countries through the issue of licenses by government departments in charge of fisheries.
  • Controlling the fishing season. In Namibia and South Africa the spawning period from September to December is a restricted period for fishing. This allows fish to replenish themselves.
  • Setting up restricted fishing areas. Important spawning grounds are restricted from fishing for example areas off the coast at Cape Town in South Africa.

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