Fax Machine. Image credit cultarmix.com

Fax Machine. Image credit cultarmix.com

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Communication: Fax (Facsimile)

FacsimileĀ (Fax)

  • The machine consists of a photocopier and a telephone circuit.
  • Fast way of sending and receiving information.
  • Used when speed is required.
  • Produces information as it is (exact copies/replicas of the send documents are received)
  • Ideal for detailed information e.g. plans or diagrams.
  • Provides a written record.
  • Message is received even if the office is empty .
  • Subscribers are given fax numbers.


  • Used to communicate business information using a computer.
  • Via a telephone circuit.
  • Used in banking and forex markets.
  • Stores and displays data on a computer.
  • Information can be reprinted.
  • Uses modern equipment consisting of modulator and demodulator (modem)
  • A fast way of transmitting information.
  • Transmits computerised accounts/information.

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