Wood is a popular fuel source in Zimbabwe. Image credit Flickr.com

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Natural Resources: Energy:Energy resources in Zimbabwe

  • The major sources of Zimbabwe’s electrical energy are coal from Hwange and water at Kariba HEP station.
  • Wood makes small but significant contributions.
  • All the oil products used in the country for energy are imported, with ethanol only used to produce blend petrol.
  • Demand of energy in Zimbabwe far outstrips supply resulting in shortages which create the energy crisis.
  • The majority of Zimbabweans depend on wood fuel as their source of energy because:
    1. Wood is free and cheap.
    2. It is readily available.
    3. It is the traditional source of energy.
    4. It is a renewable source of energy.
    5. There is no alternative source of energy.
    6. Where there are alternatives in the form of electricity, paraffin or solar panels, these are too expensive for communal people.
    7. Poverty also accounts for this and there is general lack of appliances requiring use of electricity in rural areas.

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