Subsistence fishing using mosquito nets in Malawi. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes:Natural Resources: Fishing: Fishing methods

  • Subsistence fishers use:
  • basket traps,
  • hooks and lines,
  • scoops and dugout canoes.
  • These are mainly confined to the shallow waters of Lakes Malombe, Chiuta, Chilwa in southern Malawi and swamps of the Lower Shire.
  • The basket trap and fish scoop are made out of locally obtained bamboo or reeds which flourish in the swamps.
  • Dug-out canoes are however more difficult to make as suitable trees are becoming scarce due to over-exploitation.
  • These methods are sustainable as only limited catches are made from subsistence use.
  • Commercial fishers use more modern methods of fiberglass motor boats.
  • The gill net has an advantage of landing large catches.
  • Its disadvantage is that it does not discriminate between mature fish and small fish which are yet to mature.
  • The method is therefore not sustainable.
  • Trawler boats and trawl nets are used in the deep waters of Lake Malawi

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