Delegation. Image credit

Delegation. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Delegation

  • Delegation-is the transfer of authority and responsibility by a superior/manager to a subordinate
  • to carry out specific function,duties and tasks
  • The delegator remains accountable for the outcome of the delegated work
  • Delegation results in decentralisation
Allows the manager to focus on key decisions, functions and tasksThe manager/superior is still accountable for the subordinate's actions
Allows subordinates to quickly make decisions on the spotQuality of decisions is dependant on the quality of those to whom authority is delagated
Locally made decisions that take local environmental conditionsMakes coordination difficult
Allows for specialists to be hired for specific tasks, functions and dutiesComplicates the communication process.
Can lead to a motivated workforce/Boosts employee moraleIncreased salary costs as delegation often comes with a pay increases
Prepares subordinates to eventually be promoted/take over top positions (A form of on-the-job training)Makes standardisation/uniform decision making difficult
Suitable for large organisationsSome tasks are not delegatable e.g. those that require judgement and skill of the manager

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