Pouring oil into an engine. Image credit tenerifenews.com

Pouring oil into an engine. Image credit tenerifenews.com

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Dealing with friction in machines

  • Friction is the force that opposes all movement
  • It is the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another
  • Work must be done to overcome friction resulting in wasted energy and reducing the efficiency of machines
  • Friction results in input being lost as heat
  • Friction varies directly in proportion to the weight of the moving parts
  • This means that the greater the weight of the moving parts the greater the greater the friction
  • Friction is not affected by the area of contact between the moving parts
  • Friction is higher between rough surfaces than on smoother surfaces

Reducing friction

  • Popular methods of reducing friction include:
  • lubrication and
  • rolling friction and ball bearings


Lubrication is another way of reducing friction. Image credit skf.com

Lubricating grease. Image credit skf.com

  • This is when a lubricant is used to reduce friction between the two surface layers
  • A lubricant is a long-chain hydrocarbon molecule which maintains a surface layer even under great pressure
  • An example of a lubricant is grease
  • When lubricated the two solid layers slide more easily over one another
  • The surfaces are kept apart by a thin layer of lubricant
  • Heat from a machine e.g. an engine can cause the engine to “seize” and stop working
  • Different engines therefore have various oiling systems to ensure smooth running

Rolling friction and ball bearings

Roller bearing. Image credit bicycles.stackexchange.com

Roller bearing. Image credit bicycles.stackexchange.com

  • When one body rolls over another the friction is much less than when they slide over each other
  • The effort required to push a car is much less when its wheels are turning
  • Compared to trying to push it when its wheels are locked (e.g. when the breaks are applied)
  • Ball bearings and roller bearings are used to reduce friction in various moving parts
  • Such as in engines and wheels

NB In reality both methods are used wherever possible for example grease is  applied to bearings

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