Conductors and Insulators. Image credit

Conductors and Insulators. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Conductors and insulators

  • A conductor is a material that allows electrons to move from one atom to another
  • Conductors/Conducting materials cannot be charged unless they are held using an insulating material to prevent them from losing their charge
  • Insulators are materials in which electrons are held firmly in their atoms
  • An insulating material ca be charged using friction
  • This is because the charge produced cannot be lost when the charge moves from its original site/material
  • A charge isĀ earthedĀ when it flows through a conducting material into the ground
  • A human body is capable of earthing a charge
  • It can allow a charge to flow through it into the earth
  • Examples of conductors are metals
  • An example of an insulator is plastic/polythene

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