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ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Managing Human Resources: Communication in Business: Teleconferencing/ Video Conferencing

  • A conference is a meeting between two or more people with a shared business interest
  • A video conference is when such a meeting takes place with the aid of computers
  • Two or more of these people will be in a different location or even on another continent
  • They are able to communicate using computer networks
  • Audio and video is transmitted via this networks allowing the meeting to take place in real time despite the physical distance between the participants of this meeting
  • The computers have a microphone and a camera to capture audio and video respectively
  • This signal is converted on the other end into sound and video by speakers and a screen
  • Modern technologies such as Google Hangouts and Skpe allow such communications to take place with minimum set up from businesses and individuals alike


  • Communication is just as good as face to face communication
  • Graphs and other charts can be used in such a meeting
  • Communication takes place in real time
  • The participants can receive instant feedback
  • Clarifications can be sought and given in real time
  • Non verbal cues such as frowning etc can be observed
  • Is not limited by the distance barrier
  • A video record of the conference can be kept
  • Fast in sending and receiving information


  • Requires a fast internet connection which may not be available e.g in rural areas and might be expensive
  • Can be hacked or breached
  • Like all meetings it can be time consuming
  • Are affected by differences in Timezones
  • Can be affected by latency(delays) in communication e.g. a person’s movement and gestures are not in sync with what they are saying
  • There is no video conferencing standards as there are too many competing technologies
  • Dedicated high quality systems can be expensive to purchase and operate
  • In some countries information provided over a video-conference is not legally valid

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