ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes:Managing Human Resources: Communication in Business: Phones

  • Phones are one of the most popular means of communication in business
  • To such an extent that virtually every business has a phone
  • The advent of mobile phones means that almost every individual has a phone
  • In Zimbabwe over 90% of the people have a mobile phone and almost 100% has access to one
  • Businesses use phones to contact:
  • Suppliers
  • Customers and Potential customers
  • Debtors etc

Advantages of Telephones

  • Can be used to contact customers internationally
  • Are an affordable means of communication
  • Allow for verbal communication which means complex matters can be explained and the customers can be persuaded
  • Can be used for mobile banking
  • Provide other services such as Whatsapp/Facebook
  • There is instant feedback
  • Provide a fast means of communication
  • Can be used with an answering machine to pick up calls when no one is available to answer
  • Calls can be recorded for future reference


  • Have been superseded by cheaper technologies such as VoIP
  • Do not have a written transcript of the call
  • Information may be wrongly interpreted
  • Reduces real life interactions
  • They cause constant interruptions for example ringing during a meeting
  • Can be hacked/breached
  • Increase the risk of traffic accidents

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