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ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Leadership: Communication in Business: Notice Boards

  • Is a surface intended for the posting of public messages
  • For example upcoming meetings, events, provide information, announce a sale etc
  • They are also known as bulletin boards, notice boards or pin boards or simply as notices
  • They are usually made up of material such as wooden board to allow messages to be pinned and removed from the board
  • They are usually conveniently located in areas where the intended audience frequents for example along hallways, outside the main offices, canteen etc


  • Act as a repository of information on diverse topics about the business
  • Information is quickly disseminated
  • They are a cheap internal form of communication
  • There is a written record of the notice
  • Many people can read the same message
  • Provide a publicly available reference for information


  • The message cannot be explained
  • There is no guarantee that the message is received
  • Feedback is neither instant nor is it guaranteed
  • Usually require literacy skills which the intended audience may lack
  • Lack intimacy

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