Zimbabwe boasts one of the highest literacy rates on the African continent. As a true testament to it this I do not know anyone who cannot read and write.

We have an impressive list of Universities to choose from. Currently there are 16 operational Universities that you can choose from so why should you opt to go to a South African University instead?

There are two things you have to consider when making this decision:

  1. Why should you choose to go to South Africa above Zimbabwe Universities?
  2. Why should you go to a South African University instead of say going to another country such as the United States?

Reasons why you should choose a South African University over a Zimbabwean University

South African Universities have a lot of advantages over Zimbabwean Universities some these are:

  • Top ranked worldwide and in Africa- South African Universities are dominate world and continent rankings by a wide margin when compared to local Universities that rank low.
  • There is a wider selection of courses at these Universities. There are courses that are simply not offered by Zimbabwean Universities but are available in South Africa for example Aeronautical Engineering.
  • World class learning centers. While the authorities and a lot of people may choose to ignore it, the economic crisis has had its toll. Lack of chemicals, teaching aids, facilities plagues our local Universities. This is especially true if you are into sciences.
  • Cutting edge equipment- South African Universities have better equipment by far when compared to Zimbabwean Universities.
  • Latest technologies and techniques- courses such as medicine and business are far ahead than compared to what is offered in Zimbabwe. Local Universities do not often update their curriculum to reflect current needs
  • World wide recognition-as a country’s global reputation plunges so does the appeal of its graduates. The fact is you stand a better chance abroad if you have a South African qualification compared to a Zimbabwean one.
  • Less corruption-you can never eliminate corruption but the current environment has seen corruption rise unchecked at local Universities.
  • Less Political interference- whether it’s true or not Zimbabwean Universities have been tainted by allegations of bending to the will of those in power. This is likely not to affect you if you get your qualification elsewhere
  • Strict guidelines and transparency- Zimbabwean Universities lag behind their South African counterparts in terms of transparency and legitimacy
  • Experience culture- you get to experience a fusion of cultures from different countries
  • Get employed in South Africa- with unemployment rates estimated to be around 90%  i.e. only 1 in 10 people of school going age is employed your chances of getting employed are better in South Africa. They are even better when you have a South African qualification to show.
  • Networking- if you are into business/career growth you can meet more people who can help you succeed in life than would be the case if you went to the University in your nearby town.

Reasons why you should choose a South African University over Universities in other countries

If you are a Zimbabwean who wants to study abroad then you literary have the world before you. You can study from any country in the world alphabet from Afghanistan to Zambia. Why should you choose South Africa over say the United States or Britain? Here are some reasons why:

  • Closer to Home- South Africa is Geographically close to Zimbabwe
  • Cheap and Easier to travel to and from- because it is closer to Zimbabwe which presumably is your home country you can travel back during vacations, family events and holidays such as Christmas to be with your family and loved ones
  • Familiar culture- No doubt South Africa has a unique culture but a lot of aspects are very familiar to a Zimbabwean no matter your background from Inyangas (n’angas), religion, politics etc. You are unlikely to suffer from culture shock
  • Easy to get a student visa-while there are some student Visa requirements that have to be fulfilled they are nothing compared to the hostile interrogation you will face at Western Embassies like the United States, Canadian and British Student Visa applications.
  • Familiar currency- the currency is very familiar and obtainable in a lot of places. It’s not as hard to get as say the US dollar, Euro or British Pound. A lot of people keep tabs on the exchange rate.
  • Cheap and Easy to send cash/clothes etc- whenever you/your child gets needs something these things can be easily and cheaply send using any number of ways. You can just send them via RoadPort this is cheaper compared to courier (parcel) services like DHL and FedEx.
  • Cheaper Universities and Lifestyle- living expenses in most other developed countries are extremely expensive when compared to South Africa.
  • World Class recognized Universities- while there are cheaper countries to live and study in they are not as reputable as South Africa and it’s Universities. Universities such as Wits University and University of Capetown are known and respected world over.
  • Cheaper healthcare and social services- Social services and Healthcare is word class and cheaper in South Africa.

In conclusion, if you want to study abroad then South Africa should be your first choice. Their Universities are affordable and world renowned.