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ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Advertising: Code of advertising practice

Code of advertising practice

Its importance

  • It establishes basic standards of advertising.
  • It ensures that advertisements are:
  • legal i.e. they follow the set advertising laws and metes sets out the punishments for transgressors.
  • Ethical i.e. are they realistic and do they adhere to the norms of society e.g. racists advertisements are not allowed.
  • Moral ie. Advertisements must be according to the values of society e.g. they cannot promote adulterous relationships.
  • Not misleading i.e. they do not contain untrue statements e.g. “These herbs cure everything including cancer.”
  • decent i.e. they do not show indecent or naked people.
  • Truthful i.e. they do not make any untruthful assertions about the product or other competing products.
  • It guards against disparaging advertising i.e. when advertisers make negative assertions against other products.
  • It ensures there is fair competition among producers.

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