Cells in series

Cells in series

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Cells in a series

  • As already discussed cells give a voltage of around 1.5 V -2V
  • A lot of appliances required a higher voltage to function
  • Several cells can be joined together to giver larger voltages
  • This can be achieved by joining the cells in series
  • When this is done the voltages of the individual cells is added up together
  • Resulting in a higher voltage
  • As the potential difference used to move electrons around the circuit is increased
  • The result is a battery
  • Battery-is when cells are joined together in series to give a higher voltage
  • For example most cars have at least one 12 V battery
  • This is made up of joining six 2 V cells together
  • Torches may have three 1.5 V cells resulting in a 4.5V battery
  • In series- the negative terminal of one cell is connected to the positive terminal of the next cell

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