Use the available First Aid Kit whenever there is an injury. Image credit MediaWiki

ZIMSEC O Level Biology Notes:Emergency Procedures

  • Immediately alert your instructor in case of ANY accident or fire.

A: Fire

  • In the event that your hair or clothing catches fire — DO NOT RUN. This will fuel the fire. STOP – DROP – ROLL to smother the fire.
  • Help to smother any fire on a co-worker with your apron or lab coat, or with your own body. If a fire begins and is confined in an open container such as a beaker, it can usually be extinguished simply by covering the top of the beaker to remove the source of oxygen.

B: Evacuation

  • Whenever a Fire Alarm sounds, turn off water and electrical devices at your lab station, collect your bag and/or calculator and exit the building by the stairwell closest to your lab.
  • Avoid inhaling smoke from a chemical fire. Assemble in front of the assembly point. Your teaching assistant will check the student roster to be sure everyone is safe. Do not leave the area until your TA has checked your name on the roster. Return to the building ONLY after a security officer gives clearance.

C: Injury

  • Be familiar with the location and operation of the eye wash fountains and safety showers. Any chemical splash into the eye should be flushed for a full 15 minutes using the nearest eye wash.
  • First aid supplies are available in the Stockroom. Slight wounds or burns may be treated there. Report all burns, cuts, or other injuries to your instructor.

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