Circus Maximus was cleaned as part of Mussolini’s domestic policies. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Dictatorship in Europe: Dictatorship in Italy: Benito Mussolini: Mussolini’s Domestic Policy and Achievements

  • Employment creation through the public works and other employment schemes in the army and in industries.
  • Transport and communications were improved through the construction of roads and railway lines.
  • Mussolini was able to restore order in Italy preventing things like the seizure of property and the destructive strikes.
  • Hydro-power was developed.
  • Pensions schemes, social security and compensation for workers were introduced.
  • Schools were constructed and education was made compulsory.
  • There was peace and unity between the Church and State following the Lateran Accords.
  • Inflation declined.
  • Promotion of health, for example malaria cases declined significantly.
  • The battle of grain increased grain production ¬†cutting the wheat imports on which Italy had hitherto depended.
  • Mussolini provided security to the industries, middle class and land owners by banning socialist and communist parties.

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