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ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Advertising: Advertising agencies

  • Many business organisations hire outside advertising agencies.
  • Advertising agencies have specialised staff to help with all the neccessary advertising requirements that other businesses might have.
  • A lot of business organisations cannot afford to have their own full time advertising agencies.
  • Or they may lack experienced personnel to staff those departments.
  • Such business can contract and hire out the advertising agencies.

Functions of advertising agencies.

  • They carry out market research on consumer tastes and preferences.
  • They create the advertisements for example they come up with the words, pictures, colours, music and advertising concept.
  • They produce the advertisement using the formulated concept after the client approves the it.
  • They book space and time for the advertisement in various media e.g. on TV or in a Newspaper.
  • They place/flight the advertisement.
  • They monitor the success of the advertisement.
  • In the event of failure they analyse the failure of the advertisement and take any necessary corrective action.

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