Sugarcane field. Image credit

Sugarcane field. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Reproduction in plants: Advantages and disadvantages of vegetative (asexual) production


  • A lot of plants which grow using the vegetative method of reproduction are able to produce seeds
  • They use vegetative reproduction because it has certain advantages


  • New plants are established over a large area quickly for example lawns
  • Young plants get food from the parent until they are established thus increasing their chances of survival
  • All the plants are the same i.e they are usually clones of their plants which is of immense value to seed growers
  • Only one plant is required


  • Plants can quickly become overcrowded and have to fight for nutrients, water and light
  • There is little to no genetic variation  which means the young plants are still as susceptible to the same diseases as the parent plants

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