A dance in honour of King Dingiswayo. Image credit dailysun.co.za

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Crisis in Nguniland: Zwide versus Dingiswayo

  • Dingiswayo(circa 1780-1817) was born Godongwana
  • He staged a failed coup against his father who was the king of the Mthethwa
  • He fled and adopted the name Dingiswayo which means wanderer
  • He came back to take the throne after the death of his father
  • The Mthethwa were one of the largest clans in Nguniland
  • Dingiswayo was a military genius
  • He was very innovative
  • He came up with the idea of a standing army which was made up of young men of the chiefdom
  • His army was organized into age regiments called amabutho
  • Each regiment wore a distinctive colour
  • The regiments joint forces in times of battle
  • He also introduced strict training programs for his army to instill discipline
  • With his military brilliance, Dingiswayo fought man successful wars around 1810 until his death which expanded his kingdom

Dingiswayo versus Zwide

  • The Ndwandwe became the Mthethwa’s greatest rival
  • Zwide was also a military genius as well
  • Rival ambitions between the two led to great wars being fought between the two groups by 1816
  • In 1818 Dingiswayo was then captured by Zwide and executed
  • Shaka who was a regiment commander let Dingiswayo down as he withdrew his forces
  • Dingiswayo’s death led to succession disputes in the kingdom and paved way for the ascension of Shaka Zulu to power
  • Shaka executed the legitimate heir to the Mthethwa throne and seized power
  • Zwide noticed that Shaka was going to be a threat to Ndwandwe dominance and decided to send his army to attack him but Shaka manage to defeat the army
  • Late 1818 Zwide launched an attack whereby he sent his whole army to attack Shaka
  • Shaka knew that Zwide’s army was too strong to be fought head on so he launched the scorched-earth military tactic and surprise attacks
  • This was a military tactic of burning or destroying crops and other resources that could be used by an invading enemy force
  • When the Ndwandwe army was exhausted and returning home Shaka then attacked them and crushed them
  • He then followed with an attack on the Ndwandwe capital and destroyed it
  • Zwide and his subjects fled from the state with two of his regiment leaders Soshangane and Zwangendaba leading the remnants of the army
  • Shaka finally defeated Zwide the remaining big three leader in 1819
  • Shaka then remained in control of the land formerly inhabited by the Ndwandwe and this led to his rise and intensification of the Mfecane

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