Tobacco graders working in a group. Image credit

Tobacco graders working in a group. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Uses of Herzberg’s Theory

  • The theory led/has led to the standardisation of:
  • working conditions e.g working hours which have become more fixed
  • These working conditions have also become more friendly to workers
  • He made sure managers would not only focus on hygiene factors
  • The theory also makes sure not too many resources are wasted on hygiene factors which do not lead to motivation
  • Herzberg also made sure workers understand the need for motivators in the workplace
  • Managers can utilise motivators such as:
  • Motivators include things like:
  • Job enrichment and job enlargement
  • Job enlargement-this is when similar tasks/horizontal tasks are added to the job
  • This makes the job more rewarding
  • Job rotation is also another motivating method
  • Job rotation-is when employees are moved from task to task as a way to introduce variety in the workplace and make the work more interesting
  • Job rotation is also used as a training technique and a way for employees to gain experience
  • Herzberg’s theory also led to work groups/teams and
  • The adoption of two way communication both of which improve motivation and worker productivity

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