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ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Mutapa State (Kingdom): Trade in the Mutapa State

  • Three types of trade were done in the Mutapa state
  • That is, internal trade with the locals,
  • inter-regional trade with other states like the Ndebele and Guruuswa and
  • foreign trade with the Arabs and later the Portuguese.

Internal trade

  • This type of trade was done between producers of different goods in the state
  • Trade was in exchange of goods like carved wood, baskets, iron tools, minerals and game
  • In drought instances grains and cattle were traded

Inter-regional trade

  • It was done with areas such as Ingobe, Illede, Guruuswa and in the 19th century with the Ndebele.
  • The king also exported goods for trade like machira to the Maravi and silk to the Tonga and the Torwa
  • Common items traded included salt and copper

Foreign trade

  • It was done with far of people like Muslims and the Zambezi was used as a route to go to the Mutapa state.
  • The Mutapa people also traded with the Portuguese based at Sofala and Mozambique and travelled through Manicaland
  • These two groups competed for Mutapa gold and ivory
  • The Mutapas controlled trade
  • Trading places called feiras were established at Mukaranga and Manyika
  • During the 16th and early 17th centuries the Musapa was the most important feira
  • During the late 17th century Dambarare became the most important feira
  • Other trade centres included Manzovo, Ruhanje, Chipiriviri, Matafunga, Chitomborwizi, Mahaka, Maramuka, Hwanga, Makaka, Vumba, Masekesa, Amangwa, Mutare, Maungwe, Uteve, Nyaranga and Sembaza
  • Portuguese traded cloths, beads and ceramics in these feiras through their vashambadzi for gold, ivory and other minerals
  • Foreigners interested in trading had to pay a tax called curva to the Mutapa through the captain of the gates
  • The captain of the gates was responsible for guarding against foreigners entering into the Munhumutapa court or any parts of the state without his permission

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