Glasses of wine. Image credit

Glasses of wine. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Substance Abuse: Alcohol

  • Alcohol is a legal and socially acceptable drug
  • It is however a poison
  • It is addictive and can lead to ill-health and even death
  • It is a depressant drug
  • It slows down nervous reactions (neurotransmission) of the body
  • And negatively affects a person’s judgement
  • It slows down the reaction of those who drink and drive/operate machinery
  • The liver processes poisons in the blood stream including alcohol
  • Excessive consumption/drinking of alcohol leads to liver damage
  • Liver damage is also known asĀ liver cirrhosis
  • Alcohol reduces social inhibitions
  • This leads to excess risk taking behaviour
  • alcoholic-a person addicted to alcohol
  • Alcoholism leads to societal and family problems such as
  • Failed marriages, lost employment, strained relationships
  • Some cough syrups contain alcohol and have to be administered according to directions

Problems of alcohol

  • It is a depressant
  • Reduces self-control (social inhibitions) resulting in risky behaviour
  • Can lead to antisocial behaviour e.g. immorality, prostitution,crime etc
  • Strained relationships and other family and societal problems
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Road and work accidents when drunk people operate machinery and drive
  • Alcoholism/Addiction to alcohol

Possible/Current solutions

  • Laws that make it illegal to sell to those under the age of 18
  • Labels on alcohol bottles
  • Educating people against the dangers of alcohol
  • Roadblocks to prevent/reduces cases of drunk driving

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