A flower fertilisation. Image credit studyblue.com

Fertilisation of a flower. Image credit studyblue.com

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Reproduction in plants: Reproduction in Plants:Development after fertilization

  • Once the ovules inside the ovary have been fertilized a lot of changes takes place
  • The fertilized ovules develop into seeds inside the ovary
  • The ovary ripens into a fruit which is adapted for dispersal
  • That is the fruit is spread or carried into new areas either by wind or animals
  • This is important as it ensures the plant survives and continues to thrive
  • There are many different kinds of fruits for example mangoes, guavas etc
  • Another change is that during the development of seeds inside the fruit the flower dries up and some parts of it fall off.
  • The developing seeds swell up with food brought from the leaves in the vascular tissue
  • The food is stored in the seed until it is needed for germination
  • The fruit ripens in preparation for dispersal

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