When it comes to this year’s school program there is so much uncertainty. The government was pushing for schools to reopen towards the end of this month but that plan is now dead in the water thanks to a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths. The government has now postponed the reopening of schools indefinitely. This has left students who were supposed to write this year’s November ZIMSEC examinations in a state of worry and confusion.

It seems even ZIMSEC officials themselves are in the dark when it comes to when examinations will be written. ZIMSEC chairman Professor Eddie Mwenje recently spoke to Sunday Mail on the issue and made some interesting pronouncements.

November 2020 examinations will be written, but they will only be written when students have completed the syllabus and when it is safe to do so, even if it means the examinations will be written in December or January next year.

Remember, some of these students will be going to tertiary institutions, they have to be properly examined and given the right grade. That is why we are saying there is a possibility that the examinations may be written in December or January next year. However, all this will be finalised when we meet with the ministry when reopening dates are announced

Eddie Mwenje speaking to Sunday Mail

From this, we can conclude that before students can seat for their final examinations they will have to complete their schooling year which is something that is also up in the air due to the coronavirus. Zimbabwe is not the only country grappling with the fate of students who are in completing classes. Back in June Cambridge cancelled the June exams and instead opted to use predicted grades. However, the issue has resulted in lawsuits and anger as some students feel cheated.

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