2019 is turning out to be a tough year even though we haven’t lived half of it yet. Prices have been increasing left right and centre. Often the root cause is often blamed on foreign currency shortages. According to Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ) Medical Aid Societies in Zimbabwe are thinking of increasing their fees by 400%.

The association has expressed concern over this:

A number of the providers have also approached the association to submit requests for additional or new increases to the current tariffs for various reasons. The increases range between 50 per cent and 400 per cent.

This follows soon after the recent upward review by 40 per cent and 30 per cent. Regrettably, the contributing medical aid members and employer groups had to bear this increase.

Judging from member feedback, another round of contribution increases so soon would be unaffordable for medical aid members, employer groups and health funders.

The association would like to urge all medical aid members to carefully consider any alternative options that may be available with the assistance of their health funders when faced with difficulties in accessing services.

To be honest though this are already tough for those in need of medical attention. Currently most hospitals and pharmacies ask you to top up even if you have medical aid. A lot of medication is sold in US dollars only anyway. This means you cannot buy it using medical aid.

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