ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Production: Job Production

  • Production is the creation of goods and services
  • Job production is a production method when:
  • items are made individually
  • Each item is completed before the next one is started
  • Each item is unique
  • Usually the product is custom made to the customer’s specifications or requirements
  • Examples of items made using job production include:
    1. Paintings
    2. Bridges
    3. Designer clothes
    4. Large construction projects e.g. dam building
  • The making of large projects is also known as project production
  • Job production also covers crafts such as pottery making
  • Job production often involves skill e.g. welding and fabrication, painting etc

Advantages of job production

  • Unique products are made e.g. designer jewelry
  • High quality products
  • Motivated workers who take pride in their work
  • Custom products which fulfill the customer’s needs
  • Flexible production ¬†process
  • Can provide specialist equipment and services even for out of production products e.g. parts for collector’s cars

Disadvantages of job production

  • Slow production compared to other methods of production
  • Requires a lot of skill
  • Little room for automation of routine tasks
  • There is repetition of tasks
  • This all results with a higher cost of production relative to the other methods of production
  • Limited production levels prevents the business from taking advantage of the economies of scale
  • Makes standardization difficult
  • Is labor intensive

NB It is possible to use machines under job production although most of these machines might also require skill to operate effectively and efficiently

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